KG discovered his passion for creativity at a very early age, as a mighty pirate adventuring on the high seas!  He spent much of his youth roaming the wild with werewolves, swimming with sirens, and defending the world from dreadful villains alongside his favorite superheroes.


He quickly identified art as an outlet that allowed him to share his exciting and otherworldly adventures with others.  He has dedicated his time to developing his talents as a creative, using his unique perspective to bridge fantasy and reality with the goal of creating unique and unforgettable experiences for people.​

With a background in both traditional and digital art, KG’s ability to use a variety of mediums to convey an idea or create an experience is second to none. His love of adventure and commitment to fully experiencing all that life has to offer, combined with his unique understanding of the forces that drive people enhance his ability to create meaningful and impactful products.


KG has over eighteen years experience pushing the boundaries of art and design through his work in many entertainment industries from film and traditional visual arts to cartoons, videogames, AR, VR and MR for location based entertainment (theme parks).


He has been at the forefront of new product development for leaders and trendsetters in the entertainment industry including One Bit Labs, DreamCraft Attractions, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ and Microsoft.

© 2018 by KG

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